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Flight Data Monitoring

The ALERTS (Aircraft Logging and Event Recording for Training and Safety) system is a Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) application. This very unique solution is designed to be used in legacy fixed and rotary wing aircraft as part of a FOQA program.

FOQA and Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) programs can identify potentially problematic events or trends across any number of aircraft and have been proven to save aircraft operators money while also greatly increasing the safety of their operations.

How Does ALERTS work?

Select and Install Hardware

Select and install the appropriate ALERTS hardware. Appareo has hardware to suit nearly any type and quantity of aircraft.

Collect Flight Data

ALERTS hardware records every moment of every flight on removable SD memory and crash-hardened internal memory modules.

Analyze Flight Data





Use ALERTS' powerful web-based and desktop software to track and analyze you fleet's performance and identify dangerous trends before an accident occurs.

Train and Improve

Use your historical trend data to update training curriculum and standard operating procedures.

See ALERTS in Action

Check out this video that illustrates why Airbus Helicopters installs the Vision 1000 as standard equipment in several of their light models.​ The video explains how the system captures image, audio, and inertial data to support a proactive flight data monitoring program, as well as several other ways it will benefit your operation.

The safety team at Airbus Helicopters uses this video in their Training Center’s pilot and maintenance classes. They also share it at the NTSB’s Training Academy, the FAA’s Transportation Safety Institute, and other safety symposiums around the country.​

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ALERTS Products

Appareo Vision 1000

Imaging, audio and FDM in a single device.

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Appareo GAU 2000

Appareo GAU 2000

The GAU 2000 provides lightweight flight data monitoring for any aircraft.

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AS Flight Analysis Software

Appareo AS Flight software showing 3D and 2D analysis tools

Innovative 3D flight visualization software

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Appareo Transfer Utility

The Appareo Transfer Utility streamlines the process of collecting and transmitting the flight data collected by ALERTS hardware.

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Appareo Playback Utility

Screen shot from the Appareo Playback Utility.

The Appareo Playback Utility displays the imagery and audio captured by the Appareo Vision 1000 flight data monitoring device.

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AS Web Analyzer Software

Appareo Web Analyzer software

Innovative web-based analytics, trending and reports for effective flight data monitoring

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FAQs: ALERTS & Vision 1000

What certification is available for the Vision 1000? What does the Vision 1000 cost? How much time is required to install the Vision 1000? What about pilots who don’t want to be recorded? Data is already stored on our avionics, why do we need this? It’s not required equipment, so why do we need it? […]

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