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INS/GPS Systems

NaviCube 1000 with a dime

The NaviCube 1000 establishes a new benchmark for MEMS-based inertial attitude, heading and reference systems. Unlike competitive products, the NaviCube 1000 tightly couples a 50 channel GPS receiver with a full inertial sensing suite to provide real-time position, attitude and heading information at rates exceeding 100Hz. The high accuracy provided by this module, when combined with its very low power consumption, volume and weight makes it an ideal solution for small unmanned aircraft systems or other applications where size, weight and precision are important.

The NaviCube 1000 is designed to operate in various modes depending upon the availability and quality of GPS signals.The system’s primary mode of operation is tightly coupled INS/GPS, which given availability of GPS signals delivers the most accurate heading, attitude and position solutions available in a miniaturized, lightweight system in the industry today. In a degraded GPS environment, the NaviCube 1000 will operate as an acceleration compensated attitude heading reference system. Should GPS signals become further degraded, or become lost entirely,
the NaviCube 1000 will coast with inertial sensors only, continuing to provide accurate attitude information for thirty minutes and position for one minute.

The Appareo engineering team makes it easy to integrate this sensor into your target application. The NaviCube 1000 requires only a power supply and a connection to a GPS antenna to become
operational. Three general purpose I/O ports allow for easy data transfer, and the Appareo Integration Kit provides applications engineers with all the information they need to get started.

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