Appareo Mission Manager

Flexible and intuitive flight planning and data collection

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Hardware Design

Appareo’s Embedded Systems group pushes the boundaries of electrical systems design for products and custom engineering in the aviation and military industries. Utilizing rigid-flex and complex circuit boards, our engineers are skilled in reducing the size, weight and power (SWAP) of complex devices. Appareo’s leading-edge technology in tightly coupled INS/GPS systems employs ultra-short baseline GPS […]

Software Design

From pioneering work in 3-D graphic visualization and rendering (AS Flight Analysis Software), server data analysis (ALERTS), and workflow automation, the Appareo Software Engineering group delivers commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS) and custom software services with clear, demonstrable value to the aviation and defense industries. Appareo is an industry expert in data back plane design and […]


As a designer of electronics for the demanding aerospace market, Appareo at times struggled to find manufacturers willing and able to produce the high-quality, relatively low-quantity circuit boards required for our products. Consequently, we’ve expanded our manufacturing capabilities to suit our unique needs and the needs of other boutique electronics designers