The Connected Machine

Big data is available everywhere. When used correctly, this data can help operators make strides in increasing productivity. Appareo develops technologies to get data out of the job site faster, easier and with less hassle. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) work with us to infuse these technologies into their equipment — creating a backbone of connectivity between machines and their operators.

Machine Gateway

Often called “the brains” of the machine, this ruggedized black box gathers data from a machine and shares it quickly and easily via CAN bus or WiFi directly to the operator’s iPad… or even remotely to an iPhone.

Machine Gateway

Remote Support

You can remotely view information that the machine gateway is sending to the cab. Based on owner’s permission, dealers, OEMs, or other support resources can access the same information, view screens, and provide remote diagnostics and tech support.

Machine Control

With the flexibility of our machine gateway platform, we give operators the ability to control their machines through a variety of interfaces. We offer machine control interfaces on Apple devices (iPad, iPhone) to allow operators to take machine control out of the cab and into the job site.

Machine Automation

Some jobs require operators to have granular and independent control of each part of their machinery and attachments (motors, hydraulics, valves, etc.). Utilizing data gathered from our sensors, our automation technology enables machines to adjust themselves for optimal performance.


We offer our OEM partners solutions that are truly turn-key. From product conceptualization and design, to manufacturing and certification, it all takes place under the same roof.

Intuitive Interfaces

We specialize in designing and developing iPad interfaces, taking our customers to the next level in their products’ ease-of-use.

Sensor Technology

Based on advanced research, we develop unique sensor solutions (optoelectronic, electromechanical, kinematic and MEMS-based). Rugged sensors extract data directly from the source. Smart software algorithms turn raw data into actionable information for automatic control systems and strategic task management.

Wireless sensor


Compared to Bluetooth, WiFi allows for longer-range and a more flexible data transfer. With no limit to the number of devices that can be connected and feeding data to the machine gateway, WiFi is the preferred technology for connecting our wireless sensors.


Our machine gateway is compatible with any machinery or attachment because it transfers data within ISOBUS boundaries. We’ve improved the design of VT displays beyond their interface limitations.