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Väderstad is an international company with Swedish origin that manufacturers high quality planting, seeding and tillage equipment for the agriculture industry. Their equipment is known for its ability to offer customers highest possible productivity on the farm and is viewed as premium in the industry. Väderstad is a key global player with competitors, primarily in Europe.

While Väderstad consistently produced top quality machinery, the electronics and control systems of their implements did not always measure up to the high Väderstad standards. Complying with major ISOBUS systems was important since many Väderstad customers wanted to use the terminals they already had invested in, and it would also increase the resale value of the machines. However, that was not enough for Väderstad. They aspired to reach beyond just being on par with existing ISOBUS solutions for their premium machines. They wanted to set a new market standard!

Väderstad and Appareo started a development project to design an entirely new machine control architecture. Using the Appareo IoT platform, the companies collaboratively developed a control system for Väderstad planters and seeders. Appareo’s gateway contains all the control logic necessary to operate the machine and commands other ECUs on the CANBUS to execute machine tasks or get information. The gateway also acts as the server for the user interface. The user has the ability to utilize an ISOBUS compatible Virtual Terminal, an iPad display, or both at the same time. With the inclusion of an iPad as a control interface, the user is able to perform all functions wirelessly to the machine, which has made out-of-cab operations much more convenient. The iPad implementation was the first agriculture machine in the industry to utilize a mobile tablet in this way, and has become the clear customer choice. Overall, the system has offered Väderstad customers an enormous leap in technology that delivers a truly premium user experience.

In terms of technological innovations, Väderstad has gone from being viewed quite conventional to become a clear market leader. Even in a down-market economy, Väderstad has been able to successfully sell their new system. While the old system is still available, an estimated 95% of all new customers choose the new system, with over 90% choosing the high resolution iPad equipped solution.

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