Eurocopter – Appareo Vision 1000

Appareo Vision 1000 FDM device

Appareo Vision 1000 FDM device with mounting bracket for Eurocopter AS350 model helicopters

Helicopter industry leader Eurocopter approached Appareo Systems to develop a next-generation lightweight flight data monitoring device to be installed in their popular AS350 model helicopters. Building on the success of the ALERTS system, Appareo developed the Vision 1000 – a truly revolutionary device incorporating the proven inertial sensing technologies of earlier ALERTS products with high-resolution cockpit image and intercom/ambient audio capture.

The Vision 1000 weighs only nine ounces and installs easily into any type of aircraft, requiring only power and ground to function. As a self-contained device, the Vision 1000 doesn’t require complicated and costly integration with existing avionics.

The Vision 1000 is now installed as a standard component on all US-produced AS350 aircraft and Eurocopter is currently planning to extend Vision 1000 installation on several of their other light helicopter models.

To learn more about the Vision 1000, please visit the Vision 1000 product page.