Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring – Bristow Group

In 2006, helicopter industry leader the Bristow Group approached Appareo Systems to develop a flight data monitoring (FDM) system for their light and legacy aircraft. At that time, the only equipment available for FDM was too large, heavy and expensive to be installed on smaller, older aircraft making it impossible for Bristow and other large fleet operators to ensure that their aircraft were being operated safely and within standard operating procedures at all times.

Working in close partnership with Bristow, Appareo developed the ALERTS system for flight data monitoring – truly the first lightweight, low-cost FDM system designed specifically for light and legacy aircraft such as the Bell 206 and 407 models that Bristow operates in the Gulf of Mexico.

Appareo GAU 2000, developed with the Bristow Group

Appareo GAU 2000, developed with the Bristow Group

Almost immediately upon deploying the system, Bristow was able to identify trends that left unchecked could have resulted in an incident and damaged their exceptional safety record. Bristow’s team of FDM analysts and safety people have worked continually with Appareo to further improve the system and carefully train their flight crews with information gathered by ALERTS. In the five years since ALERTS went into service in Bristow’s Gulf of Mexico fleet, there have been no flight-related accidents or incidents of any kind.

Appareo and Bristow continue to work closely together to refine the ALERTS system and are currently progressing several other projects including the Appareo Fleet Management Device.