Appareo Vision 1000

As part of the award winning ALERTS system, the Vision 1000 is a cockpit imaging and flight data monitoring device wrapped into one. The system captures critical inertial and positioning data (i.e location, attitude, etc.) as well as cockpit imagery (instrument panel, flight controls, partial exterior view) and audio. A joint development between Appareo Systems and Eurocopter, the Vision 1000 gives any operator the ability to benefit from a comprehensive FDM program.
The flight data and video are stored to a robust memory module as well as a removable SD (Secure Digital) card for use in Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs. The Vision 1000 offers a low cost, lightweight solution for collecting and analyzing flight data in any aircraft on any mission.

Ideal Tool for Collecting Flight Data on Legacy Aircraft

Low Cost - The Vision 1000 is a fraction of the cost of traditional flight data collection systems.
Light Weight - The system weighs in at only 300 grams (0.66 pounds).
Minimally Intrusive - Requiring only 28 VDC and ground to install, the system does not require extensive integration like other flight data management systems.
Actionable Information - Collecting more than just GPS data, the Vision 1000 measures location, time, attitude, and acceleration.
Real-Time Inertial Solutions  - The Vision 1000 outputs real-time inertial solutions resulting in pitch, roll and yaw data.

Integration with ALERTS

The Vision 1000 integrates fully with Appareo’s award-winning ALERTS flight data management system. Flight data can be easily transferred from the SD card to Appareo’s servers for analysis with Appareo’s cutting edge management and visualization software packages.