The first 24 hours: one pilot’s experience with Stratus ESGi

Jeff Jacobs has been flying with a Stratus receiver in his Cessna 172 since 2012. Last week he became 2020-compliant after installing Stratus ESGi, which is the Stratus ESG certified transponder paired with a non-certified receiver. The system provides both ADS-B OUT to comply with the 2020 mandate, and ADS-B IN to display weather, traffic and AHRS on ForeFlight Mobile. What’s even better? Jeff is already on track to receive his $500 rebate from the FAA.

Stratus ESGi in Cessna 172 panelI have just now returned to my office from flying the test profile for the FAA rebate. Based on this test flight, I love the system! Just seconds after I started the engine and flipped on the avionics master, departing airliners were showing up on the ForeFlight display on my iPhone.

Stratus ESGi on ForeFlightOn my way back in, a Cirrus called in with a position close behind me. On the display I could see he was very close above and behind me — at an angle where I would not have been able to get a visual on him. I was relieved to watch him on the display as he did a 360 for spacing. ”

-Jeff Jacobs, Cessna 172

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