Appareo Is Granted a US Patent for Antenna Feedthrough for an ADS-B Transponder

Stratus ESG Shares ADS-B Antenna Signal with Portable Receiver

Fargo, North Dakota (April 25, 2017) — Appareo has received a U.S. Patent (US 9564936) for its “Radio Frequency Feedthrough to a Portable Device” technology, which was initially designed for use in the company’s 1090 ES transponder, Stratus ESG.

The patented technology, named Portable Connect™, is a system wherein a signal received on the externally-mounted transponder antenna is passed through the transponder to a connector plate in the cockpit, where a portable ADS-B receiver can be plugged in. The signal collected by the external antenna is relayed to the portable receiver, greatly enhancing the signal strength of the receiver.

The Portable Connect patent makes Stratus ESG the only transponder that can share an aircraft’s external antenna with a portable ADS-B receiver in the cockpit. Portable Connect is compatible with many popular brands of ADS-B receivers; a variety of interface kits are available.

“We developed the Portable Connect technology for pilots who want to keep their ADS-B In equipment portable and easy to upgrade,” said Derek Aslakson, Appareo aviation product manager. “By using portable receivers for ADS-B In, you can easily replace that equipment as technology advances, without incurring costly work in your panel.”

The primary benefit for pilots is enhanced reception for their portable receiver. By utilizing the aircraft’s external antenna, a portable receiver will pick up more ADS-B ground stations, even at lower altitudes.

Another benefit is that portable receivers don’t need to be placed near a window. When portables rely on their own internal antennas, they must be positioned near a window in order to pick up signals from ADS-B ground stations. With Portable Connect, a portable receiver will utilize the aircraft’s external antenna; therefore, reception through a window is no longer required.

Since introducing its first Stratus ADS-B receiver in 2012, Appareo has become the industry leader in ADS-B portable receivers. In 2016 the company announced the certification of Stratus ESG, a 1090 ES transponder for compliance with the ADS-B Out mandate. Appareo has a network of 450 authorized dealers and was voted 2017 AEA Association Member of the Year. For more information about Stratus products or to locate a dealer, visit

For a closer look at Portable Connect, watch this video.

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