Stratus ESG Offers Portable Connect™ Antenna Feedthrough for ADS-B Receivers

Appareo has received a U.S. Patent (US 9564936) for its “Radio Frequency Feedthrough to a Portable Device” technology, which was initially designed for use in the company’s 1090 ES transponder, Stratus ESG.

The patented technology, named Portable Connect™, is a system wherein a signal received on the externally-mounted transponder antenna is passed through the transponder to a connector plate in the cockpit, where a portable ADS-B receiver can be plugged in. The signal collected by the external antenna is relayed to the portable receiver, greatly enhancing the signal strength of the receiver.

“We developed the Portable Connect technology for pilots who want to keep their ADS-B In equipment portable and easy to upgrade,” said Derek Aslakson, Appareo aviation product manager. “By using portable receivers for ADS-B In, you can easily replace that equipment as technology advances, without incurring costly work in your panel.”

Check out this video to see all the benefits of Portable Connect.

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