USHST Recommends Flight Data Monitoring to Reduce Fatal Accidents

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) was one of the measurable actions identified by the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) in their list of safety enhancements aimed at reducing fatalities. View the full report, or the section specific to FDM.

USHST described their intent to implement the use of FDM:

Action: Promote the installation and use of data recording devices (e.g. HFDM, camera recording) for purposes of: 1) detection and monitoring of aircraft and engine limitations that were exceeded, 2) collecting and preserving more data relevant to accident investigation, 3) detecting and correcting procedural noncompliance.


As part of the award-winning ALERTS system, the Vision 1000 is a low-cost flight data recording solution that can be utilized on any aircraft. Requiring only aircraft power and ground, the Vision 1000 is ideally suited to capture information from both new and legacy aircraft fleets.

Information captured by the Vision 1000:

  • Attitude¬†data (pitch, roll, yaw, etc.)
  • WAAS GPS (latitude, longitude, ground speed, vertical speed, GPS altitude, etc.)
  • Cockpit imaging
  • Ambient audio
  • Intercom system audio for crew and ATC communications (optional)

Initially a joint development between Appareo and Airbus Helicopters, Inc., the Vision 1000 gives any operator the ability to benefit from a comprehensive FDM program.

Read the VERTICAL article, or the full list of safety enhancements on the USHST website.