USHST Determines Use of Flight Data Monitoring Equipment Will Save Lives

The U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) has determined that further development and wider usage of flight data monitoring (FDM) equipment across the helicopter industry will save lives.

When referring to the installment and usage of FDM equipment, the USHST states:

Helicopter flight data monitoring devices, including audio/video recording devices, offer the ability to collect data on normal and atypical operations. The majority of fatal accidents that occurred since 2009 had insufficient data surrounding the details of the helicopter’s state when the event transpired.

As a result of this deficiency, proactive interventions cannot be put in place before an event occurs. The USHST believes that with flight data monitoring information, hazardous behavior can be identified and there is an opportunity to break the accident chain before it results in fatalities.


As part of the award-winning ALERTS system, the Vision 1000 is a low-cost flight data recording solution that can be utilized on any aircraft. Requiring only aircraft power and ground, the Vision 1000 is ideally suited to capture information from both new and legacy aircraft fleets.

Information captured by the Vision 1000:

  • Attitude data (pitch, roll, yaw, etc.)
  • WAAS GPS (latitude, longitude, ground speed, vertical speed, GPS altitude, etc.)
  • Cockpit imaging
  • Ambient audio
  • Intercom system audio for crew and ATC communications (optional)

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