Stratus by Appareo

Stratus is known for pilot-friendly, affordable technology that installs simply and performs reliably – so you can enjoy more hours in the air with fewer hassles. Through Stratus 2S, Stratus ESG, and Stratus Power we’ve given our customers simple-to-use products delivered by the durable, high-quality engineering that you expect with the Stratus name.

Stratus 2S

Stratus receivers provide subscription-free weather, WAAS GPS information and ADS-B traffic — all integrated with ForeFlight Mobile for your iPad. Pilots who use Stratus with ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision will experience a visually stunning and high-performance hazard-awareness capability.

If you fly with Stratus 2S, Stratus 1S, or Stratus 2, there’s an interface kit available to connect your receiver to a transponder.

Transponders can be ordered in kits that include Stratus 2i, an ADS-B In receiver that was designed to stay plugged into the transponder (tucked behind the panel).

Stratus ESG

Stratus 1090 Extended Squitter transponders provide a certified ADS-B solution you can trust today — and well beyond 2020.

Stratus ESG, with built-in WAAS GPS, is the original one-box, low-cost ADS-B Out solution that replaces your old transponder.

If you’ve already invested in a WAAS GPS navigator, Stratus ES provides cost-effective ADS-B Out. Stratus ES pairs with popular Garmin and Avidyne navigators.

Stratus Power

Enjoy the convenience of USB power in your aircraft!
2.5 AMPS PER PORT – With enough power to charge two full-size iPads while they’re in use, Stratus Power can be used with any combination of portable electronic devices.
NO RADIO NOISE – Stratus Power is radio-shielded, so you won’t experience NAV/COM interference like you do with cheap electronics.
EASY TO INSTALL – Like all Stratus products from Appareo, Stratus Power was designed for quick and easy installation.

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We’re a bunch of pilots/engineers that get to create amazing flight tools for a living. We feel very fortunate to have great customers, dealers, and fans who share their love for Stratus products.