A smart, strong and simple platform to bring your data-driven solutions to life.


Modern machines generate a lot of data, but are you listening? Appareo IoT software tools transform your data into information you can use.


Appareo IoT hardware is designed to be tough and reliable. Appareo has decades of experience in developing and deploying electronics in ruggedized off-road environments.


The Appareo IoT platform is easy to use, providing connectivity, computing and cloud in one end-to-end solution.


Appareo IoT’s advanced communication devices provide a wide range of technologies: WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular (2G, 3G, 4G), Iridium satellite, GPS, 433 MHz, and CAN, and can be customized for your needs.


Appareo’s gateways are advanced and powerful computing platforms allowing you to customize your hardware interface to best meet your needs while still being affordable. The gateways incorporate a mature SDK which allows your software applications to be portable across multiple gateway models.



Appareo’s input/output modules were designed to connect seamlessly with the gateways. This enables an array of applications, such as high-powered DC or stepper motors, PWM, hydraulic valve control, sensor inputs and other auxiliary I/O. With onboard closed-loop control, the I/O modules simplify your application design and lower communication overhead.

I/O Modules


The Appareo Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the flexibility to build custom applications across multiple hardware platforms while interfacing with devices that are accessible via standard API.

The SDK allows you to develop applications on the gateway that create detailed control systems and telematics solutions. Appareo has a mature field-deployed software update framework.

  • Utilizes C++ and JavaScript environments and libraries
  • Easily embedded Linux application packaging
  • Safety-oriented JS-to-C++ remote procedure call framework
  • Objective-C template application to simplify iOS application development
  • Virtual Terminal (VT) support



Appareo IoT is unique in that it offers everything you need to build a true end-to-end solution. Everything from global data management, device management and account management is supported by Appareo IoT services.


Appareo IoT’s global carrier relationships make the connection of your machines to your cloud seamless. We dramatically simplify provisioning and provide highly competitive data pricing.

We have intelligent algorithms that enable your equipment with seasonal or bursty data patterns to ramp up and down without having to manage your data plans. This gives you the flexibility you need while only paying the minimum for the data you need.


Appareo IoT customer account management enables easy secure account creation and management of customer accounts. Our data service platform can track the connectivity and health of connected devices. With remote diagnostics, problems can be detected and repaired without sending a tech to the field. Advanced features such as remote firmware updates and data service provisioning dramatically simplify your application development.

You can manage large groups while still maintaining security and simplicity. Appareo IoT gives you the ability to manage user accounts, indicating who can access the system and manage devices tied to a specific customer. Those who have access can search, add or edit customers and user accounts. Your admin access allows for a grouping and tiered approach.


The most innovative solutions are born when we collaborate with our customers as partners. You’ll have a team of Appareo engineers developing the best solution for you, with no boundaries to their creativity or innovation.

There are two approaches for going to market:

  1. You develop your own application using our full-featured SDK, or
  2. We provide custom app development to bring your ideas to life.


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