FAA Rebate Program

The FAA relaunched the $500 ADS-B Rebate Program. The program is effective now – October 11, 2019, or until the allocated funds are used. The FAA is hoping to fund 9,792 ADS-B Out installations.

We will be continuously updating this page with news about the Rebate Program. Look for updates on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and upcoming blog posts.

The Rebate Program is part of the ADS-B Mandate, the mandate states, “all aircraft flying in designated controlled airspace – generally the same busy airspace where transponders are currently required – must be equipped with ADS-B Out avionics by Jan. 1, 2020. Only aircraft that fly in uncontrolled airspace, and aircraft without electrical systems, such as balloons and gliders, are exempt from the mandate.”

Stratus transponders (both certified and experimental) are eligible for the ADS-B rebate! Learn more about our options for ADS-B out and find a dealer to request a quote. 




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