The ALERTS (Aircraft Logging and Event Recording for Training and Safety) system is our award-winning and affordable turnkey FDM program. The video below explains how the system captures image, audio, and inertial data to support a proactive flight data monitoring program.

The safety team at Airbus Helicopters uses this video in its Training Center’s pilot and maintenance classes. They also share it at the NTSB’s Training Academy, the FAA’s Transportation Safety Institute, and other safety symposiums around the country.

How it Works

  1. Install the recorder – The Vision 1000 is utilized to record flight data and can be installed on both rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft.
  2. Capture flight data – Information (flight data, imaging, and audio) is automatically recorded to a removable SD card as well as to internal crash hardened memory.
  3. Analyze the information – Flight data is uploaded for automated analysis to identify operational risk and safety challenges; allowing you to recognize a potentially hazardous situation before it leads to an incident.
  4. Generate powerful reports – ALERTS reporting will identify undesirable trends and the results from steps taken to mitigate risk. Feed this information back into safety and training programs.


AS Flight Analysis Software is a cutting-edge application that allows aircraft operators to replay individual flights in a richly detailed 3D environment. AS Flight Analysis Software provides a 3D replay of the flight data overlaid on actual satellite imagery wrapped on a topographical map, providing an accurate replay of the flight.

AS Flight Analysis Software is a powerful tool when used as part of training and FDM programs. This software is used around the world. It gives valuable visual and statistical feedback to university students, corporate pilots, and military aviators.

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