As with all Stratus receivers, Stratus 3 is seamlessly integrated with ForeFlight Mobile (version 10.2.2). 

Stratus 3 was designed using the GDL-90 protocol, meaning it will work with a variety of EFBs. It can be switched to “Open ADS-B Mode” within the Stratus Settings (found in our free app Stratus Horizon Pro).

Stratus 3 FeaturesForeflightStratus Horizon ProOpen ADS-B Interface
ADS-B WeatherXN/A
ADS-B TrafficXN/AX
GPS PositionXXX
Pressure AltitudeXXX
Open ADS-B Mode SwitchXXX
Device StatusXXX
Flight Data RecorderX
Weather ReplayXN/A
LED Brightness Manual AdjustXX
"Turn On When Plugged In" Switch
In-App Firmware UpdatesXX
Enable WPA2 WiFi Security
Save AHRS Calibration
Enable/Disable Auto ShutoffX

App developers supporting Stratus 3 using the GDL-90 protocol:

WingX – Version 9
FltPlan Go – Version 4.7.10 for iOS, 4.9.2 for Android, 2.6.10 for Windows
FlyQ – Version 3.2
iFly GPS – Version 10.3
Airmate – Version 1.26
AvPlan EFB 
– Version 7.7.3
– Version 5.03
– Version 1.88
Stratus Horizon Pro 
– Version 2.0.3
SkyDemon – Version 3.1
NAVIATOR – Version 3.9.1

If you have a question regarding Stratus 3 compatibility with a specific EFB, please contact the app developer.