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With our Stratus A&P bundle, we’re including a wiring harness so you can purchase through your dealer and install with your trusted A&P. This bundle is available for a limited time only! Contact your local dealer and order yours today.

A complete ADS-B solution

While any ADS-B receiver will work well once you’re ADS-B Out equipped, Stratus receivers are unique in that you can plug them into the transponder to utilize aircraft power and benefit from the enhanced reception captured by the external antenna signals.

Stratus 3i with iPad and transponder
Transponders can be ordered in kits that include Stratus 3i, an ADS-B In receiver that was designed to stay plugged into the transponder (tucked behind the panel).

Stratus 3 with iPad and transponder
If you fly with Stratus 2, 1S, 2S, or 3, there’s an interface kit available to connect your receiver to the transponder.

Already have a Stratus receiver?

Connect your Stratus with the optional interface kit for maximum reception. Your portable Stratus receives not only auxiliary power, but also its ADS-B and GPS signal from the transponder’s externally-mounted antennas.



Stratus Interface Kit


Understanding ADS-B

ADS-B is the technology being implemented by the FAA to provide surveillance and improved situational awareness to both pilots and air traffic controllers. The FAA mandate states that all aircraft operating in current Mode-C airspace must be ADS-B Out equipped by 2020. For the pilot, the two primary benefits come in the form of ADS-B In weather and traffic information.


Free weather information is transmitted from ADS-B ground stations. CONUS NEXRAD, regional high-resolution NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMs, winds/temperature aloft and pilot reports are continuously delivered to you in-flight via ADS-B In receivers, such as Stratus.


An ADS-B ground station will send a traffic picture when it is ‘pinged’ by an ADS-B Out transponder, such as Stratus. Individual traffic targets can also be received directly (air-to-air) from other ADS-B Out equipped aircraft. Equip your aircraft with a Stratus transponder to experience the full potential of ADS-B traffic.

2020 Mandate

An FAA mandate requires all aircraft flying in current Mode-C airspace to be equipped with ADS-B Out before 2020. Appareo has developed an ADS-B Out transponder that’s ideal for non-glass panel aircraft. Stratus ESG includes a 1090 ES transponder and certified WAAS GPS in the same box. It’s truly an “all-in-one box” solution.


Stratus Receivers for ADS-B In

Stratus Transponders for ADS-B Out