Take Flight. Take Charge.

Plug in with the most affordable TSO-Certified charging port.

Enjoy the convenience of USB power in your aircraft — delivered by the durable, high-quality engineering that you expect with the Stratus name.

2.5 Amps Per Port
With enough power to charge two full-size iPads while they’re in use, Stratus Power™ can be used with any combination of portable electronic devices.

No Radio Noise
Stratus Power is radio-shielded, so you won’t experience NAV/COM interference like you do with cheap electronics.

Easy To Install
Like all Stratus products from Appareo, Stratus Power was designed for quick and easy installation.


  • Dual 2.5A USB-A charging ports
  • FAA certified to TSO-C71
  • Cylindrical shape for easy, drill-in installation
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Two-year product warranty

1.848″ x 1.848″ x 1.391″

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