Please follow the steps outlined in the information notice below to complete the embedded software update for Vision 1000.

> Information Notice (Airbus Helicopters Factory Installation)
> Information Notice (After-Market Installation)

Current Software Version: New Software Version: Files to Save to Your SD Card:
501010-000003 R14 501010-000003 R15 Download: R15 .chk file / R15 .tgz file
501010-000004 R11 501010-000004 R12 Download: R12 .chk file / R12 .tgz file
501010-000031 R05 501010-000031 R06 Download: R06 .chk file / R06 .tgz file
501010-000055 R02 501010-000055 R03 Download: R03 .chk file / R03 .tgz file
(Click the links to download, or right-click and select “Save link as”)

To identify which version of embedded software you currently have, refer to 3.A. “Determining the current embedded software version” in the information notice. If you don’t have the Configuration Tool, download it here:

If you don’t currently have one of the software versions listed above, please contact our support team.
If one or more of the Vision 1000s was a Type Certificate installation, we’ll need your physical mailing address to send new labels. Please email when you are done updating.