Aircraft Communication Units
Appareo’s telematic and connectivity solutions for aviation include lightweight, highly-capable, well-connected mobile computers in the Conexus® product line.
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Recoverable Data Modules
Appareo’s line of flight data monitoring solutions includes lightweight and affordable crash-hardened memory storage devices that are flexible for use in a broad range of aircraft types.
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Cockpit Image/Audio Recorders
Initially a joint development with Airbus Helicopters, Vision 1000 is a low-cost flight data recording solution that can be utilized on any aircraft to capture cockpit image and audio in addition to flight data.
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Highly Capable Telematic Products
Appareo’s Gateway line of telematically enabled electronic control units (ECUs) allows customers to couple the capabilities of a modern LTE connectivity device and a powerful computational platform capable of receiving and processing data from a wide range of vehicle networks and buses. Learn more
Data Services
Appareo offers a true end-to-end solution with global data management, device management, and account management conveniently accessed through the Appareo Data Services Portal.
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Stratus Product Line
Since introducing the first Stratus portable ADS-B receiver in 2012, Appareo has become the industry leader in the design and production of ADS-B equipment for general aviation.
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