Appareo’s Gateway line of telematically enabled electronic control units (ECUs) allows customers to couple the capabilities of a modern LTE connectivity device and a powerful computational platform capable of receiving and processing data from a wide range of vehicle networks and buses.

The Gateway’s connectivity and processing capabilities make it well-suited for the diagnostics hub of a machine, allowing for updating ECUs, remote diagnostics, remote command and configuration delivery, and data offload.

Appareo offers globally-certified devices for cellular communication, and has certified its Gateways all over the globe. The company has partnered with carriers and test facilities to achieve certification in even the most difficult countries, such as Brazil.
Some products in Appareo’s telematic product line also provide machine to machine (M2M) communication not requiring infrastructure such as cell towers. This can allow M2M communication to occur in remote locations, has no data costs, and has lower latencies than cell networks. Tire Pressure Sensors, Asset Trackers and other devices also have this type of radio communication (Appareo Asset Tracker AT-40, for example) so the Gateway can interact with these devices.

In addition to the global cellular connectivity capabilities of Appareo’s Gateways, most Appareo telematic products also feature local area network (LAN) capabilities such as WiFi and Bluetooth. This allows Appareo customers to interact with their machines using mobile applications, viewing information for monitoring purposes, providing control inputs, or updating the equipment from the mobile application.

For customers seeking global connectivity without limitations, Appareo is an Iridium value-added manufacturer and value-added reseller and has integrated Iridium capabilities at both a module- and chip-level in the Gateway series products.

Appareo Gateway Series

Customizable I/O

Appareo’s Gateway line of telematic products feature up to six CAN buses, serial communications (e.g. RS-232), Digital I/O, Ethernet, and BroadR-Reach. Gateway products are designed for rugged environments, with IP67 or IP69K ratings, while also conforming to the challenging environmental requirements of our large equipment manufacturing customers.

Appareo Gateways are built to be a secure device for all communications. With trusted chain of boot, as well as cryptographic hardware, these devices can be certain software running on-device is from a trusted source. Additionally, Appareo telematic products all support encryption or hashing of communications to ensure data can be protected.


Appareo’s telematic products are built on a popular distribution of embedded Linux (Yocto) with Docker support that allows developers to quickly deploy applications, whether that software be written by your in-house team or by Appareo on your behalf. In addition, hardware-abstraction libraries are provided to provide easy porting to variants of hardware platforms. This capability is important to keep engineering overhead minimized as our customers deploy new telematic devices to take advantage of new generations of cellular technology (e.g. 3G, 4G, 5G).

As new variants of our telematic products are released to accommodate technology improvements the same abstractions can be used to run on multiple platforms. These libraries also allow for rapid development of custom applications to be run on Appareo Gateways. Hardware abstraction libraries exist in C/C++, but Python, Rush, Google Go, and .NET and can all be run on Appareo Gateways. The Appareo team worked with Microsoft to enhance the .NET core libraries to enable further hardware interaction for embedded Linux, usable on our devices.

Certain Appareo Gateway models are Azure Certified for Microsoft Azure IoT Edge, ensuring that the hardware will work seamlessly with Azure IoT. Appareo Gateways have also been integrated with Amazon and other popular backend service providers.


C/C++, Python, Rust, Google Go, .NET


Iridium Network | Verizon Network | Vodafone | CE | IC | FCC |RCM


From remote diagnostics (securely accessing Gateways to troubleshoot equipment in real time) to inexpensively deploying firmware updates through differential software updating tools, Appareo has the real-world telematic deployment experience to support your business. Beyond the wide area network capabilities of the Gateways, Appareo products have been used extensively for the local area network connection of phones and tablets to off-highway equipment for both control and monitoring purposes.


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