Challenges Welcome

At Appareo, we don’t worry about challenges, we welcome them. Whether you need an innovative solution to a specific problem, or you have a design that needs to be refined, our experienced engineering team is up to the task. We’ve designed our process with as much detail as we design our products. From concept to completion, our engineers work in tandem with our manufacturing team to maximize production efficiency and ensure the final product meets all specifications and quality standards. We understand technology can’t be limited by our customer’s location or language. Our products are used globally, and we have extensive experience developing products that meet specific industry and governmental regulations for diverse markets around the world. No matter your goal or geography, we’re confident our designs will deliver.

Experienced in Every Discipline of Design

We understand offering end-to-end solutions requires skill in every discipline of design. Our dedicated teams of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers work together during every step of the product development process to ensure our designs perform as well in practice as they do on paper. We specialize in a variety of design areas required for rugged electronics including radios/wireless, telematics, FPGAs (VHDL/Verilog), embedded software, optical and acoustic sensors, and enclosures for all environmental conditions. We know what it takes to design products that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. We don’t simply want our products to work. We want them to work really well in the real world, and we never deliver a design until we’ve literally put it to the test.

Product Test Engineering

Appareo has extensive design and test laboratories to ensure our products perform as promised. Throughout the development process our engineers utilize our wide variety of electronics and RF test equipment including network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, GSP simulators and waveform generators. We also have engineering labs dedicated to prototyping and 3D printing.

Our test facility is fully equipped with semi-anechoic chambers for EMC and RF (wireless), environmental, vibration, and shock testing. It also includes equipment for testing electrical transients and other energy measurements. In addition to extensive field testing, our experienced test engineers and technicians can develop custom testing environments to ensure our products uphold system performance, software, and environmental requirements. All our tests are performed according to internationally recognized standards governed by RTCA, SAE, ISO, and others. For certified avionics, we can test and certify most DO-160 test levels in-house.

PDF Download: Appareo Test Engineering Overview