We Get It Perfect on Paper and Put It into Production

With years of experience developing solutions for industrial and commercial applications, we understand what it takes to produce electronics that can withstand the elements. Our engineers create designs for practical and efficient manufacturing to ensure our products uphold the high standards our customers expect.

Flexible and Efficient Electronics Manufacturing

We specialize in the manufacturing methods required for rugged industrial and commercial electronics including surface-mount technology, selective soldering, conformal coating, form-place-gaskets, and potting. As a high-mix, low-volume operation, we have the flexibility to make adjustments during prototyping or product testing, which improves efficiency and fosters innovation while remaining robust enough to handle diversity. From the first component to final assembly, our manufacturing process is routinely monitored to ensure consistent quality and efficiency.


At Appareo, we strive to ensure our customers are just as satisfied with our process as they are with our products. From receiving raw materials to shipping products, we track every step of our manufacturing process to ensure quality and on-time delivery. We have extensive experience developing lasting logistics partnerships for efficient and cost-effective distribution for our domestic and global customers.