Stratus ESG: Ready for Takeoff

Stratus ESG (experimental) began shipping a few weeks ago, and we’re excited to hear that installations have been going smoothly. [UPDATE July 5, 2016: TSO-certified Stratus ESG is now shipping as well]. One of the first installations was in an experimental 1998 Lancair 360. “Installation was simple,” commented the owner Wes Parker, a 1,500-hour commercial, … Read More

Understanding ADS-B Weather

NEXRAD Radar, METARs, PIREPs… what weather information can pilots get from ADS-B ground stations? The writers at iPad Pilot News did a great job of breaking down the free in-flight weather info that pilots can enjoy by using an ADS-B receiver, like Stratus. Visit iPad Pilot News to learn more about ADS-B weather.