Meet the New Stratus Portable Receivers

Stratus 2S

Together with our partners ForeFlight and Sporty’s, we’re excited to be adding two new models to the Stratus family with the addition of Stratus 1S and Stratus 2S portable ADS-B receivers. Both models bring new features and enhanced performance across the board, including better ADS-B reception, enhanced thermal capabilities and a next generation power connector. … Read More

Top 6 firmware updates to Stratus

Our engineers are always busy working on cool new features for our products to give you the best flying experience. Since Stratus debuted in 2012, Appareo has released several free feature-packed firmware updates. As part of our commitment to our current customers, these features were delivered for free. Here are the top six: Dual-band, ADS-B Traffic Display … Read More

Understanding ADS-B Weather

NEXRAD Radar, METARs, PIREPs… what weather information can pilots get from ADS-B ground stations? The writers at iPad Pilot News did a great job of breaking down the free in-flight weather info that pilots can enjoy by using an ADS-B receiver, like Stratus. Visit iPad Pilot News to learn more about ADS-B weather.  

Stratus ESG unveiled at AEA convention

Stratus ESG

At this year’s AEA Convention in Dallas, Texas, we were thrilled to introduce our new ADS-B out transponder, Stratus ESG. The 2015 convention was buzzing about ADS-B, especially during their highly-anticipated New Product Introduction sessions. However, it was clear that the market doesn’t have an option like Stratus ESG. Stratus ESG – An upgrade that feels like … Read More