Artificial Intelligence for Real World Applications

We’ve been around long enough to know science never sleeps. Today’s technology will be better tomorrow. With the ever-changing capabilities of modern machines, quantifiers like horse power and man hours are starting to sound nostalgic. We’re focused on the future where the potential for increased precision and productivity is almost immeasurable. We specialize in artificial intelligence for real-world applications. From delivering data to improving automation, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to find innovative solutions to challenging problems, and our people have the same purpose as our products – to make a difference.

Capabilities for Communications and Connectivity

From custom sensors to complex gateways for telecommunications, we develop rugged electronics for industrial and commercial applications. With years of experience and a range of in-house capabilities, we understand how to combine software and hardware to create tangible technology that serves a specific purpose. We understand the intricacies of incorporating cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and Iridium satellite technologies into our products for advanced communication and connectivity capabilities.

Our engineers are continuously working to improve the latest computing system architectures for online and offline data transmission and storage. As a global company, we understand the various governmental regulations and environmental requirements our technology must adhere to. We’re constantly improving our artificial intelligence capabilities, and we’re always here to help our partners solve problems.

  • Our Specialities –
  • Vision Systems
  •  Signal Processing
  •  Acoustic Sensors
  •  Radios
  •  Mechatronics
  •  Telematics
  •  Edge Computing
  •  Cloud Computing