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At Appareo, we research, develop, design, and manufacture rugged electronics that utilize A.I. capabilities. Our engineering teams create complex end-to-end solutions that include both mobile and cloud-based components.
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Solving Hard Problems with Smart Technology

True innovation never comes easy. At Appareo, we have a passion for practical science and bringing new perspectives to old problems. Our team is dedicated to turning acumen and ambition into tangible technology, and we’re always ready to work with partners that share our drive.

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  • Appareo Launches Custom iPad Controller for Use in Off-Road Rugged Equipment

    Appareo Launches Custom iPad Controller for Use in Off-Road Rugged Equipment

    NEWS RELEASE Appareo Launches Custom iPad Controller for use in Off-Road Rugged Equipment FARGO, North Dakota (September 17, 2020) — Appareo today released a new product, the Appareo Grip iPad controller, that enables more seamless interaction between iPad displays and off-road rugged equipment. The Appareo device has completed extensive field …Read More

The Appareo Advantage

What sets us apart? With our engineering, manufacturing, technology, and testing capabilities, we truly offer an end-to-end solution. We have the tools and talent to solve complex problems. From concept to completion, we keep it in-house to outperform our competitors and deliver innovative products with exceptional quality and efficiency.

Our product development process is designed to accommodate adjustments along the way. Working with Appareo will give you the peace of mind of having a product development partner that can make timely improvements to ensure your product meets your needs and is delivered when you need it.

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We’ve developed products for a range of global companies in a variety of diverse industries.


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