Bringing Safety and Simplicity to Avionics

For more than 15 years Appareo has been building a reputation as innovators dedicated to delivering reliable products. As pilots ourselves, we understand what pilots want, and we work hard to ensure our products are easy to use.

With our in-house engineering, manufacturing, technology, and testing capabilities, we develop our own products from concept to completion. Appareo is certified by all the major aviation and manufacturing regulators, and our experienced teams of engineers and manufacturing professionals understand what it takes to create products that adhere to governmental regulations and withstand environmental requirements. Our end-to-end capabilities also enable us to partner with other companies to advance avionics technology.

We’re not afraid to tackle a hard challenge, and when it comes to the future of avionics, we truly believe the sky’s the limit.

Aircraft Communication Units
Appareo’s telematic and connectivity solutions for aviation include lightweight, highly-capable, well-connected mobile computers in the Conexus® product line.
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Recoverable Data Modules
Appareo’s line of flight data monitoring solutions includes lightweight and affordable crash-hardened memory storage devices that are flexible for use in a broad range of aircraft types.
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Cockpit Image/Audio Recorders
Initially a joint development with Airbus Helicopters, Vision 1000 is a low-cost flight data recording solution that can be utilized on any aircraft to capture cockpit image and audio in addition to flight data.
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Aviation Speech Recognition
Appareo’s embeddable AI model for air traffic control (ATC) transcription makes the company one of the world leaders in aviation artificial intelligence.
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USB Power Charging
Appareo offers TSO’d USB chargers for convenient, safe, and reliable charging of pilot and passenger tablets and smartphones.
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Stratus Product Line
Since introducing the first Stratus portable ADS-B receiver in 2012, Appareo has become the industry leader in the design and production of ADS-B equipment for general aviation.
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Designed, Tested, and Built in the USA
Appareo products are tested and manufactured in the United States.
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