8 Benefits of Using Tablets as Displays in Off-Highway and Industrial Machines

The trend is reversing for displays in off-road rugged equipment. Instead of incorporating lots of control logic into display systems, it’s going to become much simpler. The preeminence of the display as a compute source on the machine, rather than a simple operator interface, was born more of convenience rather than an optimal machine control … Read More

Appareo and Iridium Partner to Provide Global Connectivity to Farm Equipment

FARGO, North Dakota (August 29, 2016) — Appareo Systems, LLC, and Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:IRDM) announce the release of technology that can equip motorized farm vehicles with terrestrial and satellite communication capabilities, enabled by the global Iridium® satellite network. Appareo, a global leader in the development of innovative electronic and software solutions for advanced machine … Read More